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If you aren’t sure about a challenge yet, but you want to start on a journey to a healthier life with better nutrition, more exercise, and movement, and generally live better – try our FREE accountability group. This is a community of people either doing challenges or not, who are trying to live healthier and like the support of others while they do so. As a coach, I am also running this group and you have my full support as well. This group is about posting when you like as often as you want.

  • You receive the support of others like you, as well as a¬†coach
  • You receive helpful fitness tips, nutrition tips, and more.
  • Chance to be alerted to upcoming challenges if they interest you.


There are times we realize we no longer feel like our “old” self.

What happened to us?

We may have put on a few pounds, lost track of what we were eating, indulged in some sweets or beverages and it just got away from us. We are fatigued and short on time. Man, are we BUSY! It has become tough to keep up with home-cooked meals while working and taking care of our families.


Our FREE 10 Simple Steps to a Leaner Healthier You E-book will help you get started today!

There are no fancy recipes or gimmicks here.
No dieting.
Just simple steps that will help you get started being active, eating better (simply!) and getting more energy you need to make it through your busy, hectic days!

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