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A habit is hard to break. If you have spent your life living one way, and you are aging and you find it’s no longer working, it’s hard to make it different. We all struggle with habits we try to break and remake. Some of us have disorders that create a whole new dynamic in our body that leave us feeling (fatigued) and confused. And if you are a woman and you just had a baby, welcome to a body you never met before!

What is a health & wellness (coach) guide?
Simply Mindful Wellness is here to help you learn health & wellness information while developing a plan (and action steps) for a lifestyle change that is permanent. We guide and coach you to the right health decisions to fit the life you WANT to have vs. the one you have that isn’t working for you or your family.

Why use a guide?
Anyone can go out there and search on the Internet for health information, but how can you take that information and put it into effect in your life? That’s the hard part. Most people are not equipped with the proper background to understand all the wellness information out there and then apply it in a simple way to their own life. As a health educator, I am able to help you apply the information in a simple, step-by-step plan for change.

What can we offer you?
We can provide you with information that is up-to-date and accurate. It’s scientific information about food, exercise, and wellness. Not only is it the CORRECT information (not just random people talking online), but it’s helping you develop goals and a simple plan to make those goals permanent changes in your life. We want you to live a fuller, healthier life. We provide you with the tools and SKILLS necessary to be successful.

Simply Mindful Wellness is offering general health & wellness programs (to help you be active, lose or maintain weight, eat healthy, develop meal plans, control stress, sleep better and more!) We want to help you change some of your lifestyle components that no longer work for you. We have online group programs, or one-on-one (in-person of via Skype). We have FREE challenges and paid programs. We are working not only on general health & wellness for all but with people with autoimmune disorders. We know these people have special challenges that others do not face.

I have had SLE (lupus) since I was 15 years old. My son has an autoinflammatory condition called PFAPA. We both live lives where our bodies are fighting inside. We are prone to inflammation from these disorders that can wreak havoc if we don’t take care of ourselves and our bodies. We live a low medicated (to no medicated at times) life with these disorders controlled. We do this through healthy eating, mindful movement/activity, detoxified home environment and more! We want to share how we live healthy and well with you.

As we are just beginning to build our wellness programs, we are focusing on these 2 areas of programming combined with any personalized coaching you would like.

We hope to offer additional 7-day challenges, 30 and 90-day programs for New Mommas in the future! I know what it’s like to have a new body, and then a new baby to care for. We plan to help you get some rest, clear your mind, have patience for baby, while planning and serving delicious nutritious meals at home, and getting out there to get moving again to lose or maintain your body weight post baby.

Our programs will be starting soon – we will start with our FREE 7 day challenges and 30 Day Simply Start Challenge & follow up with more programs! Be the FIRST to know when we are starting the FREE programs by adding your name to the email list (see bottom of the post or click here).

About Me – Your Wellness Guide
I have spent much of my adult life helping those around me with their health. I graduated from Ithaca College with a BS in Health Education, and then from SUNY Cortland with a MSEd in the same. I am a NYS Certified Health Teacher, and I have completed Active Living Every Day (ALED) certification, update my CPR and am looking to complete PiYo training this fall.

As you can see, I love health & wellness. My lifelong love of health, combined with background and certifications make it a perfect combination to help people with their wellness.

Check out our programs, and our blog. We will be offering free tips and information on the blog.







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Take a step back today and think about what you need!

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