3 Ways to Curb Stress Eating

Are YOU a stress eater? When you are about to blow your top do you reach for the nearest bag of chips and finish them off? You aren’t alone. People who work in high stress workplaces and call centers are only a few of the people who often develop this habit. Good news is there is something you can do!

What do the studies show?
If you haven’t noticed, the more stressed and tired you are the harder it is to make healthy decisions, am I right? Studies have shown for years these things are linked together. Stress and lack of sleep contribute to poor decision making.

A new study shows that a good night’s sleep can make a better day, and lower stress, thus making your decision making skills improve. Why does this happen? The part of your brain responsible for these decisions is highly affected by stress chemicals and lack of sleep*. It’s not allowed to function normally when you have this combination. It’s your decision making center. Without a plan it’s hard to make that part of your brain work right when this combo happens.

Science also tells us that sleep regulators and hunger regulators are also linked. That means poor sleep or not enough sleep means the hungry chemicals go up, and the chemicals for resistance to overeat decrease. Yes for real! So it’s true if you are tired, your body will tell you to sit, and eat up those cookies in your cabinet! But that doesn’t mean you should!

What can we do about this?
The good news is – that there are things you can do.

1- Set a bedtime & wake time every day
Setting a bedtime and sticking to it is key. You want to allow for 7-9 hours of sleep daily as an adult. If you can plan your awake time first, then count backwards you have the sleep time you need. After you try it out for a week – see how you feel and adjust inside of that time frame. Some people need more than 9 hours, some need only 7. Try it out and see.

2- Plan a bedtime routine to calm the mind
It’s hard to be running around all day and all night and then suddenly STOP and go to sleep. Your body isn’t ready and more likely than not your brain is nowhere near close to sleep. Your mind will race, and you will be frustrated lying in bed. Plan ahead for at least 1 hour before bed to destress and clear your mind. That means finding something other than electronics (as those are brain stimulating) to relax your mind.

3- Find stress management strategies that work to clear your head
There are some management techniques out there that are scientifically proven to work and can help you relax your brain. It’s time to turn it off for sleep. There are many to choose from and you might have some that you do know help already. Time to work them into your nightly routine for a better night’s rest.

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* Sleep, stress & eating article


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