A Nutrient Dense Diet Isn’t Hard – It’s Just Different

One of the things I hear the most from people who struggle with proper nutrition is that they “don’t have time,” or they are “too busy” with life and activities. The idea of having good nutrition seems difficult for them. They have an idea that eating healthy, nutrient-dense foods will require an extra effort or be very difficult.

The fact is that it’s not hard to eat nutrient-dense, healthy, homemade foods, it’s just different from what many people choose to do today. When the uprise of takeout and fast food started back in the 50s and 60s things started to change. Not only could you get food fast, you could also buy foods that weren’t available before because they could be created and enhanced for a longer shelf life. No need to bake your own potatoes to make chips – grab the bag and go. “Foods” at your fingertips.

However, we lost something – NUTRIENT DENSE meals and also our family dinner time. One thing that people don’t realize (because we were raised in this era of quick, fast food) is that much of the bagged and boxed food supply is chemically altered to be like it is. It’s not fresh, it has no nutritional value. Our bodies were meant to process whole, nutrient dense foods, not the chemically processed items we label as food.

Long story short, just because it’s different for you doesn’t mean it will be harder. Will you need to learn a few things about food, sure! Will you need to make a plan! Yes, you will (but you already make a plan to grab take-out or fast food anyway right?), and it will be a healthier plan. Everyone has 24 hours in their day – it’s time you choose 30 minutes of that for a meal prep of fresh, nutrient-dense foods. Change your mindset, set aside the 30 minutes (face it you spent that ordering, waiting and then driving and picking up anyway didn’t you?).

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