It should be a 4 letter word. It is for most people.  Here’s the thing – if you don’t want to change – you will not.

If you want to change, you have to do something about it. Unfortunately, in life, some people are forced physically into change resulting from injury or self-harm from years of bodily abuse, but you don’t want to be that person! Don’t let that happen. Change is all about choice. If you want to be something different – you can. If you want to be more fit – YOU CAN! If you want to eat better quality food, fresh, unprocessed foods in an EASY way – YOU CAN!

You are thinking no I can’t really because I am:
* Too busy
* Have kids and they are my priority not myself
* I work too much
* I don’t have the money to make changes
* I don’t know where to start

Everyone has 24 hours in their day – what you choose to do with it is your choice. (Too busy can suddenly not be an option anymore because that 3 hours you watched Netflix tonight could be shaved down to fit in 30 minutes).

Your kids NEED YOU AT YOUR BEST GAME! That means YOU ARE a priority – so use some of that 24 hours and make yourself one!

We all need to work – but again – you don’t need hours and hours to get fit or make a healthy meal choice – you only need 30 minutes (or less)!

Money is about budgeting and priority. Shifting away from sodas, chips and other unhealthy foods will give you the monthly money you need to make a change. It’s not about spending money on your appearance but on your health. In the end if you are unhealthy your time and money will be lost with a doctor instead, and you will feel lousy while spending it.

Not knowing where to start is simple – I can help with that. Or seek our someone that can help you that does know what you need and how to get you on the right path. If you are reading this – you already have someone willing to help you start.

Remember this – the same behavior over and over will always lead to the same results. 

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You can do this program, and working out is extra credit. You can lose weight, keep it off and eat nutritiously forever. You get support from others in the group, as well as myself and a team of coaches! No dieting – just a new simple way to look at and enjoy food!

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