Getting Control

I have shared my story many times – a lifetime of SLE (lupus). I was out of control for many years until a diagnosis. Then I was put on “standard” meds for lupus. Those meds caused permanent eye damage, a host of other side effects just in the short term and with long-term use, the list can go on and on.

However, I found another way. Medicine is important – very. You will need it through the course of your disease, however, with other lifestyle changes it is possible to cut it down or out! I did.

Realizing that you can gain SOME sort of control back over the hidden things your body is doing to you, is an amazing feeling. Then when you start to FEEL the control return your life depends on it. You will continue on the new path because your life truly does NEED it.

People ask me why or how I can work out 4-5 days a week? How can I make all the food I do? How do I plan those meals and get it done? TO STAY ALIVE! Would I do it otherwise – likely yes. I have the background and training and love it personally as well – but when I am feeling lazy or like taking the easy, processed food lay on the couch way out – I remind myself – you do this today and you live another great day tomorrow! Of course, I know I will not die after one day of being lazy! But it’s a pattern and a lifestyle and you want to KEEP the habits – not break them!

How do you get control?
Everyone’s disease is different and this is speaking from my experience and those I help around me.

  • What you eat! I know you hear it all the time for how you look and your weight and your heart and more BUT a lot of our food source today is made with chemicals. I don’t mean like just GMO and a handful of others you do know about – I mean it’s put together by a string of chemical processing. It’s not “real” food. By changing to a whole foods, and non processed foods diet not only will you cut your calories significantly – you will also eliminate inflammatory agents (all those processing agents and chemical binders) from your gut! Read the INGREDIENTS label and look for things you know – or just stick with foods you just know with no packages. The more you can move to whole foods the better off you will be. Does that mean you NEVER EVER eat anything out or get a bowl of pasta – no of course not – it’s the DAILY HABIT we want to change. Lower those inflammatory agents going into your gut.
  • Exercise. I know you are tired. We all are with these diseases. Our bodies are overworked and out of control. BUT exercising within reason and properly for your joints and condition INCREASES your energy and helps your joints from being stiff and actually DECREASES pain. I know because it was one of the most severe and debilitating symptoms I had from the very beginning at 15 years old. You don’t want to have impact if you have joint problems, and you want to work within a reasonable amount of time and days per week as to not push too far, but 4-5 days a week is fine and BENEFICIAL.
  • Products that Go On Your Body. It’s time to REALLY look at what you apply to your skin and body every single day. What has a lot of chemicals in it? What has inflammatory agents in it? Time to look for more natural and lesser inflammatory options. That doesn’t mean just reading the front label of a promise – that means reading the INGREDIENTS. If you know what the ingredients are and their source – BINGO! If you can’t even pronounce them – time to pass. It’s very simple to make your own hand wash, body wash and more. Only a few minutes for each item or less!
  • Cleaning Products and Other Products in Your House. Time to read all your labels and find alternatives. Norwex is a great alternative to eliminate harmful and chemical cleaners from your house. They have natural enzyme alternatives or just the cloth and water! You will be shocked what you find when you start reading the INGREDIENTS on everything.

These are just some simple steps you can take while taking your meds to start to make a change. You will be surprised how quickly you start to feel better. Then who knows … maybe you can even talk to your doctor about making some changes.


** Please be sure you meet with and speak to your doctor about all medications and changes you intend to make.

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