Pace Yourself

There is one thing that I hear from nearly everyone I talk to about nutrition and fitness – and that is their lack of time. However, one thing I want to talk about here is that it’s not about time – it’s about pace. Pace of life.

Everyone has 24 hours in their day. It’s a fact. What you choose to do with that time is your choice. This is where things get carried away and people feel they don’t have time. Pace is what it is all about. If you want to live a fast-paced, blurred lifestyle where there is never a second where you are not in your car going from one thing to the next – it’s a choice. You have chosen to spend your time there – and with that choice comes the benefits and consequences of that pace and lifestyle. The car gets you where you want to go – which is somewhere you must think is special because you are going there. The memories at the location are important, or perhaps it’s the activity that is important. But you will sacrifice something else without setting aside the proper time to include it – and slowing the pace.

  • Priorities and Pace are the most important things when it comes to nutrition and fitness.
    • You need to make nutritious food, eating it and exercising, a priority.
    • Once you have these items as a priority you will then need to slow your pace to make room for them in the day. And if they are a priority – it will be EASY!

If you choose to keep the same pace, and not make the room for them in the day – they are not your priority – no matter how much your body, your mind or your family may need them to be.

Summer is tough – the pace seems to speed UP rather than slow down. For many of us, we live in parts of the U.S. that summer is very short and the only decent weather to go outside is in this short two months. So what do we do? SPEED UP THE PACE and JAM IN EVERYTHING we can. Two weekend days are suddenly filled with four days worth of activities. What does that mean? People have prioritized the weather, their schedule, and pace over their nutrition and fitness (some).

Can you keep the pace and be nutritious? Mostly – depending on your pace. There is a breaking point though. For both. Your pace WILL break if you end up with too many health issues to keep it. So why not make it your choice to make it a priority and YOU SET THE PACE to fit it all in? Don’t wait until your pace is slowed due to health problems from lack of attention to your food and fitness.

It’s fall – so that will naturally lead to a more focused routine. Kids will be in school, vacations will be done until the next school break and so that leaves you at a different pace. No more summer parties on the patio to squeeze in. Take advantage of this natural pace slowing – jump in – get control of your nutrition and fitness now. Develop a pace now that is sustainable ALL year!

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