Start Simple! Just Get Moving!

Exercise… physical activity… the thought of those two words is hard for so many people. With the holiday season approaching – it occurs to all of us that there are some amazing, rich foods about to be put in front of us. That generally means some extra pounds unless we are moderate, am I right?

One thing most people try to change at this time of year, or shortly after, is their goal for fitness and nutrition. But why wait? Why not just take small steps to start? Doing something is better than nothing, even if you feel you can’t go “all in” right now. Just do a little something, right at home, to start moving. And I KNOW you will start to feel so great – you will build momentum into the new year! Who knows maybe even increase sooner?!

One of the biggest obstacles in starting basic exercise, or activity at home is that most people don’t really know where to start and it’s very intimidating. So today we are going to share some basics, and at the end of this post, I am giving you ONE MONTH OF FITNESS! For free! I have created a fitness calendar of what we will talk about here that you can do at home. This is very beginner, but a great start if you haven’t been active in a long time (or ever). It will help you build momentum to start a full on program (with me) at New Year or sooner!

So let’s dive in!

You want to focus on strength, steps and stretching to start!

Strength: Strength training helps burn more calories around the clock. This also helps reduce belly fat, and maximize fat and sugar burning. You will do resistance training to build strength. This will help manage and/or prevent type 2 diabetes.

Stretch: regular stretching is a way to relieve stress, tension, and joint pain and stiffness.

Steps: Aim for 10,000 steps or more daily. If you are far below – slowly add more each day to meet the goal. extra walking increases your daily activity level, it helps to manage stress, and lower anxiety and other emotional fatigue. There are some very reasonably priced basic step counters available from Amazon, but of course, the major brands out there are worth the investment. I personally have had two myself over the years, the FitBit basic and the Bellabeat Urban Leaf – which I absolutely loved. If you are a woman this has added features of cycle tracking as well which is fantastic!

And of course what is working in any of these workouts is cardio! Cardio is for your heart! It is usually accomplished in combination with strength training but can be done alone.

We know the benefits of working out and some I have highlighted above. But what I really wanted to share is this amazing tool with you, and wanted you to realize that basically just getting moving is the start of change! If you can start these simple moves at home – you are on your way. If you start now this one month will get you almost through Christmas.

The other great news here is that I offer more free tools, programs, and support in my FREE Facebook group – Simply Awesome Wellness. You can check that out and fill in the form to join here. This will help you get started and maintain once you start. I offer free recipes, fitness tools, and programs and overall wellness.

It is so simple just to start moving at home now. Don’t wait for January 1. Why wait? Get started – take this month back for you and your body!

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If you just aren’t ready for exercise yet, or you have an injury – it is OK! You can start with just focusing on nutrition now – and start exercise when you feel like you can! Learn more about our nutrition here.

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