What can change in 80 days?

Most of my life I just didn’t want to do fitness. I didn’t feel like it, and I was always tired. I was always an “on and off” fitness person. I would feel like I needed more energy so I would work out for a while, then I would break the habit for some inconsequential reason and it would be a while before I came back.

I always loved nutrition and have focused a lot of my life on improving my nutrition and eating clean. I have done that to control lupus symptoms, and also learned that the more regularly I worked out (within my limits of joint problems) the better I felt as well.

After I had my son I had to be more serious about exercise because I had trouble keeping weight off. I got more serious about my nutrition also. I started with a few programs with Beachbody – got some control and felt great.

I became a coach to help people get started with fitness and nutrition to change their lives. I love helping people learn how to eat better, and that leads to being active and more fit.

I decided I needed to try something different… but 80 days?! 80 days of a program. That was a long time for me. I had to be dedicated, follow the schedule, and follow the specific program nutrition.

What Did I Learn from 80 Day Obsession?
Sure I learned some new moves, I learned about strength training and longer workouts but that really isn’t what I learned. 

  1. Just because the workout length says 58 minutes doesn’t mean it will feel like that. I always had felt myself counting minutes and thinking about when I would be done in programs past – but this program taught me that the length doesn’t mean it will be torture! It can go by quickly as long as you have scheduled your time, and are committed.
  2. Clean eating is important, but timing your meals can make an even bigger difference with certain types of fitness. If you have felt that you work out hard, and you spend daily time working out, and your weight isn’t responding – timing and content of meals may be the problem. I would love to share more with you on this – reach out to me below or via email!
  3. 80 Days isn’t very long when you feel great from the results, and you have developed a routine that is working for you. You will be sad when it comes to an end and feel like you need to begin again. You will find another program, or start again – but it is surprising how you don’t want it to end.
  4. 80 Days makes working out and your schedule become a solid habit that feels weird if you have to change it – so great news is – YOU WON’T. It’s a great way to make a lasting habit.

You may be wondering the same things I did. Can you do 58 minute workouts? Can you do the moves? Lift the weights? Do the nutrition? The answer is YES! I have lupus, I modify, and I still had AMAZING results and feel GREAT from this program. 

What did I modify?
I did all low impact moves. Any jumping, I used a modification. But this program actually has very little of that – so I had very few times I needed to modify. 

I did modify the number of days per week I worked out. The program schedule calls for six and you should follow it for maximum results. BUT I can’t do more than five days because of my joints and lupus. I have tried over and over and when I do six days I go into a flare. I know this so I set my five days and did them. Always. 

As we have just passed the Christmas season and we are heading into New Year’s – you might be thinking you need a change. You are looking to start something that solidifies a healthy habit in nutrition and fitness for you! Check out the graphic below for some results, and consider joining us for the Jan. 2 group or if you need a few more weeks – our mid-January group. Complete an interest form here, and I will contact you!

Join us by completing an application here. We start Jan. 2. 

You made that resolution – NOW KEEP IT! Make this your best year yet!

This group is designed to help you re-establish a routine to help you live a happy, healthy lifestyle. We’ll be focusing nutrition, fitness and HABITS. You’ll have EVERYTHING you need to be successful! You’ll be using a fitness program and Shakeology (or Daily Sunshine), or other BB products.

If you don’t have a program help choosing the best one for your goals I’d love to give you guidance based on professional experience as a health instructor and my personal experience with these programs. 

When you enroll you’ll receive:

1. Access to our On Demand Workout Streaming Services for ANY and ALL of our workout programs. (nearly 1000 workouts!)
2. Detailed workout Schedule 
3. Nutrition Guide and Recipes 
4. 30 day supply of meal replacement/protein/ vitamin/ superfood shake (Shakeology or Performance Products)
5. Free Coaching in a private accountability challenge group
6. Accountability and Support Group 
7. Free lifetime membership into teambeachbody.com
** Depending on which Challenge Pack you choose you may also receive portion containers and more!

You’ll be coached DAILY and have support from up to 20 others on the same journey as you!

So how does this work?


Our group will be taking place in our Challenge Group App where you will get an invite from me.

What You Need to Do:
1- Complete this Challenge Group application here: http://simplymindfulwellness.com/challenge-group-application/
2- I will email you/Facebook message you to make contact about your completed application.
3- Choose your challenge pack, program, and start with us!

Are you ready to learn a better way to eat?
A way that doesn’t make you pick and choose.
You can eat what you want AND LOSE WEIGHT! Exercise is EXTRA CREDIT!

This program is easy to follow:

• No counting calories, no measuring food, and no using food containers
• No cutting out food groups
• No deprivation or feeling hungry
• Ability to follow the program even when you are at a restaurant, a party, or on vacation!


Check out the Facebook group description here – or learn more here and complete the application to join!

Sign up below for a calendar that has one month of at-home starter fitness routines for you to get started now. It’s FREE! Why not start with a month and work your way into something more!

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