What exactly is a cleanse?

After the holiday season I have found that most people aren’t feeling so great. Most people would probably like to eliminate any of that junk still hanging around from the seasonal treats and start the New Year fresh!

Great news is that there is a healthy way to cleanse, and I am going to share a bit about cleanses (versus detox) today to get you started right this year!

What is the point of a cleanse?
Cleanse from sugars, other processed foods.
Most people use a cleanse for this reason. This is a time to let your body eliminate those unwanted sugars, and other processed items and switch to a healthier fresh food choice. And after the holiday season this is a great time to do that. People often use the same process after a vacation or specific other holidays where they may have had foods they hadn’t intended and want to get back to a healthier gut.

Breaks a cycle of poor nutrition and starts new healthy nutrition habits.
This is the BEST way to get started with a new nutrition routine. This will not only cleanse out the items above, but gets you started on some meal prep, planning and healthier fresh foods that will lead you down a better nutrition path.

Gets you off a weight plateau.
If you have been working on weight loss for awhile this is a way to get you off a plateau and really dial in the nutrition. You can get a few pounds off, jump start your system and really focus in on what you are eating to get a more well-rounded fresh foods diet.

Jump start weight loss.
If you haven’t started weight loss yet – this is a way to get a quick start, and then continue after the cleanse is over to eat in a nutritious way to get the most out of your weight loss journey.

What really happens during a cleanse to your body?
This type of cleanse that I am describing in this post is about putting clean-burning fuel into your body. It’s not about starvation, it’s not all liquids, and it’s NOT a master cleanse. This is just a simple 3 day meal plan that is full of nutrients that are clean and fast burning for your body. This is about having whole ingredients for digestion.

What is the difference between cleanse and detox?
Your body handles detoxification on it’s own. It will naturally filter out junk, BUT the biggest thing is that if you keep adding the sugars and processed foods, it has a hard time keeping up. You need to STOP the cycle of adding those sugars and processed foods, and shift to a better burning fuel source, and let your body naturally detox as you cleanse with a healthy food source.

So, a cleanse helps your body eliminate and detox better! It is NOT a detox diet.

What does this all mean?
Essentially this means that you are going to change over what you eat. You are going to eliminate processed foods and sugars, and move to a whole foods, fast burning food/meal source during. Then you will continue to ease into a healthier living lifestyle with nutrition following the cleanse!

How do you prepare and succeed with a cleanse?
• Choose days you can focus your attention on the meals, prep and the cleanse itself. You don’t want to choose a few days that you know you may need to make an alternative food choice that might be out of the norm, and far outside the cleanse guidelines. Less stress will be better success.

• Don’t plan vigorous exercise. Doing something like stretching, or light yoga is best. There is a lot of change happening with the fuel source in your body, be gracious and give it a bit of a break.

• Meal plan and prep. This is a GREAT time to get started in this process and start developing a habit of this. If you are looking at a cleanse, then you are thinking about a better nutritious lifestyle ahead. Which ALWAYS includes meal planning and prepping. So take this time to think about how you can incorporate this process into your daily life.

• Get proper rest and proper support. Be sure you are getting a full 8-9 hours of sleep each night. Be sure to plan for the wake up time and count back. Give yourself time to unwind before bedtime so you can fall asleep at the right time. You also need to let those around you know what your intentions are with the cleanse so they understand and get on board. You don’t need those around you giving you a hard time about your process making it more difficult to change!

• Be sure to follow the instructions of your cleanse. It’s best to have a set recipe plan, and follow directions that come with the cleanse products and supplements you choose. This helps you understand the process and stay on track.

What happens when the cleanse is over?
You want to ease yourself into your new nutrition lifestyle. Jumping BACK to the old food is not the answer, and jumping right into a full fledged nutrition program full swing isn’t a fantastic option either. You want to slowly ease off what you did in the cleanse, and add back in food sources a bit at a time. If you have children, think of it like when you first introduced foods to your child. One type/flavor at a time. You want to increase your intake again a bit at a time, and one food type at a time.

At this point you may be thinking a cleanse sounds like a great place to start! The great news is – I have a 3 day cleanse group (which will run for 7 days to support before and after the cleanse itself). This is an amazing cleanse product, where the food is delicious and it’s NOT all liquid. It’s full of clean burning fuel, and will help you eliminate those sugars and processed foods. This will lead right up to an upcoming challenge group where if you want to join we would love to have you to start some new nutrition and fitness this year!

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