6 Strategies for Busting Through A Weight Loss Plateau

Maybe your New Year’s goals have gotten off to a great start. You have been seeing change, and you want to keep it that way, or maybe the change has stalled!?

We all dread that happening, whether it’s a stall, stop or maybe it’s been so slow starting out that you are wondering what you aren’t doing right?

Great news is – this is completely normal. The better news is, there are things you can change to try to help you bust through that slow start or that plateau and move toward your goals again!

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  1. Focus on eating the healthiest most nutrient-dense foods you can. We are talking real foods, not packaged and processed boxes with long lists of ingredients we do not know.
    • Lean protein, healthy fats, fruits & veggies are KEY to making this work.
    • These foods are lower calorie and provide the highest amount of nutrients to your body. This leaves your body satisfied and stops the cravings you get from processed (low nutrient) foods.
    • Less calories consumed daily! WIN WIN!
  2. Mix up your physical activity. Reshaping your body? Add resistance training (body weight or physical weights).
    • Avoid doing the same routine week after week. Your body adapts to the new demands quickly, so switching it up weekly gets you moving toward new results more quickly.
    • Doing cardio-only exercise can stall your weight loss, and effect long term success. Add some weights.
    • Change your routine every 30 days or so. Want to work on something at home? Get started with this FREE month of fitness here – or hop into a set program with a calendar and easy nutrition here.
  3. Reduce Stress & Get Enough Sleep. Cortisol (stress hormone) is elevated with stress and less sleep.
    • This hormone can hinder weight loss
    • When you are tired you are more likely to eat more (studies show people consume up top 25% more calories when they are tired.
    • Sleepy brains make fewer healthy choices during the day.
  4. Increase the time, frequency and/or intensity of your activities.
    • How long are you active? What is your intensity of your activity?
    • If you have been exercising 3 days a week, bump it up to 4-5 days. OR
    • Choose longer workouts 3-4 days a week.
    • Are you giving it 100% or just “showing up” most of the time? We all have those days where we are not 100%, but 70% is certainly better than none. But evaluate your effort level on most days.
  5. Food Journal or Tracking
    • You may not be focused on calorie counting, but it is important to have a calorie range/goal. Food intake and choices are essential to weight loss & maintenance.
    • Too few calories can also stall weight loss. Balance in calories is key. If you go too low you will lose muscle, which is not what you want since muscle mass effects metabolism.
    • Try an app like MyFitnessPal or LoseIt. You can track digitally. If you prefer paper – grab your FREE planners and food journal here. Check your email after.
  6. Don’t skip meals or snacks.
    • If you deprive your body of nourishment, it will believe you need to conserve. That will slow metabolism and calorie burning.
    • The less you fuel, the hungrier you will get. This will make cravings worse, and you will be more likely to make poor decisions out of desperation.
    • Choose real food to fuel with on a regular basis. Eat breakfast, lunch, healthy snacks (1-2 per day) and dinner. Don’t let yourself get too hungry.

BONUS! Keep hydration on point!

This is important because our body is made up of mostly water. If you aren’t getting enough water you will conserve again, and bloat. You will see a significant difference on the scale from lack of water. If you properly hydrate you will likely see the pounds shed. To learn more about proper hydration – check out this post here.

Be patient! Slow & steady are key to this process. There are also other medical conditions and health issues that can hinder weight loss or maintenance. Be sure to talk to your doctor about your weight loss goals and plan, as well as progress.

Promise yourself you are not going to give up…you are in this for the long haul and you’re worth it! Always check with your health care provider before starting a new exercise routine

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