Superfoods – Your Guide To Beneficial Food

You may have heard of superfoods before, and you may have even heard mention the awesome superfood shake that I use myself in posts and FB Lives! I do love my superfood shake! But today what I am going to tell you is – what that actually means! What are superfoods, what is the truth about consuming them and what some real benefits are.

Superfoods are foods that when combined with others, and a healthy diet can provide you with cancer protection, help with weight control, healthy skin, hair, immune system, heart and cardio benefits, brain, digestion and more!

All alone one food will not change all of those things, but with a combination diet of these foods, with other nutritious, nutrient dense, non-processed food sources, these foods can have real benefits to your health now, as well as your longevity.

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The nutrient dense vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and more help with various cell reproduction and repair which help certain foods when part of a balanced diet, fight cancer, boost immunity and more.

What foods are considered superfoods?

Let’s break these down into categories, and learn more about the specifics by grabbing your superfood specific guide here! This guide tells you exactly which foods to eat that provide these benefits to your diet.

Berries & Fruits
These are high in fiber, and delicious with natural sugars. Their rich colors indicate they are high in antioxidants and disease fighting nutrients! You can add more berries to your day through snacks as a whole, or as toppers to salad, or mixed in a smoothie!

Fish is high in omegas. Specifically you are looking for wild caught fish, and salmon is the best. Fish also has a ton of protein and is protective to your heart as well. You can add fresh fish as a salad topper, as your protein in a meal. You want to go with fresh or frozen, and look for wild caught.

Leafy Greens
Color is key when it comes to leafy greens. You want to have nice dark color. These will have a large amount of vitamins A, C and Calcium. You also get a punch of phytochemicals (fight against cancer). These are great sources of fiber as well. Try adding some spinach to your egg whites in the morning, some kale, or spinach mix in your salad, collard greens with dinner. These can also be made part of soups or sauteed all on their own.

These are heart healthy and rich in healthy fats. They are also great sources of plant-based protein. These are great as ingredients in meals, as toppers to salads, or alone. These are also great added to yogurt!

Olive Oil
This is the best oil to choose! It is heart healthy and full of vitamin E and polyphenols. This has a low heat cooking point, so be sure to only use on medium to low heats, and not on a high heat setting if cooking with it. It’s delicious raw as well. This can be used over meals, cooking at low heats in meals, and more!

Whole Grains
These are great sources of fiber, heart protective and healthy for digestion. They are loaded with vitamin B, minerals and other phytonutrients (cancer protective). You can try oatmeal for breakfast (that’s our favorite), you can also get awesome nutrients from quinoa, bulgar, wheat berries, brown rice, and baked potatoes! When looking for bread sources, focus on ingredients! You want to have only ingredients that you recognize and whole wheat should be one of those!

This is a great source of calcium and protein. It also has probiotic (gut) health properties also. Be sure to read your ingredients and get a plain yogurt and add your own fruit and nuts to the top. Premixed fruits and flavors are added sugars and negate the positive properties of that yogurt. You can also add yogurt by using it as a base over sour cream is sauces and dips!

Cruciferous Veggies
Awesome sources of fiber, vitamins, and phytochemicals here. So many things that are protective against cancer! A few examples include broccoli, cauliflower, turnips, kale, and more! We absolutely love turnip fries! You can peel, slice into fries and cook in the oven and they make great fries. Another favorite is a substitute of cauliflower (riced) over rice. Delicious!

These are all types of beans. Some of our favorites include black, northern, garbanzo (chick peas), and butter. These are another great secret of the centenarians!

We love these on salads, as condiments like a hummus dip, as part of mexican dishes, or parts of soups!

These are high in vitamin c and lycopene. These are so easy to cook with in just about every single format. From sauces, to raw, to on burgers, to parts of soups, and so much more!

The best way to include any of these superfoods is, as always, naturally. Look at cooking your foods, and see where you can fit them into your week. If you aren’t used to cooking, now is a great time to start! Just start with one meal a week, and choose a few of these foods. They all blend so well together.

What I shared above are just some broad categories of superfoods, but if you want to get really specific, check out this list and incorporate them daily!

Before I go for today – if you need some help in the kitchen, and you want to start cooking more, and you want to incorporate these types of foods, check out the upcoming/ongoing group below and be on the lookout for my new DITCH THE JUNK: REAL FOOD 101 online course coming soon! Be sure you are on the mail list so you are the first to know about it when it comes out.

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