Easy Real Food Breakfast Ideas {Even If You Are Busy}

The alarm goes off, you hit snooze one too many times, and then it’s an “oh sh**” moment. Time to run… you are off. Time to get the kids dressed, oh wait… their lunches, oh and why do they not have socks on? Is it almost bus time? OMG, what about their breakfast? Was I supposed to work out?

In the morning, we need to get everyone ready for school, work and get out the door. It’s a rush and hustle. I like to work out, and so does my husband, in the morning. We are up early, and our son typically is as well. We still fit in a real foods breakfast daily!

We focus our breakfast on getting some key macros for energy for our day.

Starting the morning with carbs is great. If you want to learn more about eating healthy carbs check this out. Your body uses carbs as the number one fuel source, and you will stabilize blood sugar and provide much needed energy by balancing them in breakfast.

One of our family favorites is creating oats for breakfast. We don’t cook oatmeal in the morning (but you certainly could if you wanted). We make it ahead of time and rewarm it.

We love our slow cooker for some maple oats, we love to do overnight oats in a jar. We also love oat muffin cups! Here is a great source for many oat meals that can be prepped ahead to enjoy! Check out my Pinterest board here for more of the suggestions from above on oats.

Homemade Biscuits or Toast
Next up on our favorites list is homemade whole wheat biscuits and/or toast. We combine these with a protein and veggie as well. I make the biscuits by hand, and we use a bread maker for slices. If you aren’t into making breads quite yet, you can find whole wheat breads and biscuits, but be sure to read the ingredients list for only things you know so you aren’t getting processed breads and biscuits. Check out my favorite biscuit recipe here.

To top those biscuits you could use butter, but we love just 1 tsp of apple butter. Check out that recipe here. I make a half batch of this recipe and it lasts a good month. We use very little at a time. The best part is this is another slow cooker recipe, that can be done after dinner and be complete before bed!

Granola Bars, or Homemade Cereal
We love our homemade granola bars. We use them as a snack item mainly, but they are a great on-the-go option for a breakfast bar. Here are some of my favorite granola recipes. I like to let mine sit in the freezer, vs. the fridge after mixing, and I store them in a container in the fridge until we pack them up to go.

This is a filling way to start the day with an essential macro. If you are active during the day, or you work out, or you get cravings pretty quickly in the morning, starting with a protein is a great way to control and be healthy.

We love our eggs in the morning. We use a combination of an egg (whole) with egg whites. Some mornings we enjoy both, and some mornings one or the other. We add veggies to our eggs, as we enjoy the scramble or the omelet. We use some simple butter in the pan, and some salt and pepper. Occasionally some hot sauce makes it way in!

Eggs are a great source of protein and some fats for the day. One thing to keep in mind is that one egg yolk has 67% of your daily cholesterol. This is totally fine, but remember how many eggs you eat in a day, and also the amount of other meat that might contain cholesterol as well. Balance is key. Moderation is best.

Breakfast Burrito
This is a combination of some carbs, with your veggies and meats as well. Be sure you are using some lean meats that are pastured, organic or grass fed. You can prep these all ahead, freeze, and then rewarm or grab and go.

Plain Greek Yogurt, Regular Plain Yogurt with Fresh Fruit
These are great sources of protein, taste delicious and have many other nutrients in them to start the day off right. We go plain so you aren’t getting added sugars from processing. By adding fresh fruit you get the sweetness, and you can also use a dab of maple syrup for sweetening.

Maple syrup is the best natural sweetener you can use. It’s low in fructose making it metabolize better with a lower glycemic index for a sweetener. Raw cane sugar is OK, but maple syrup is the best choice. Agave is actually very high in fructose, so watch out if this is important for your sugar levels.

Healthy Fats
These are important for the start of your day as well. You can use olive oils in your burrito mixes, you can use moderation of butter, whole milks, sour creams and yogurts as well. It’s all about moderation. Avocado is a great healthy fat that can be added as a topper or made part of breakfast as well.

Veggies & Fruits
These fall across macros. Having plain fruit, with a kick is another option. A drizzle of your maple syrup, as well as some cinnamon is a great way to start the day.

Add veggies as a side to your protein or mixed right in. You can create a varied dish as well to include all of these items and macros.

Another great use of fruits and veggies is in morning smoothies. There are just so many fresh smoothie recipes available. Remember to add things like nuts for more healthy fats, protein, and even things like chia seeds, or flax seed for added protein and health benefits.

There are just so many breakfast ideas, but these are simple and take very little time, and can be prepped ahead. The one thing to remember is PLAN AHEAD. Have a meal plan that includes breakfast, and make sure it’s ready to grab and go, or leave yourself that extra 20 minutes in the morning to make the meal. You can even prep ahead things like pancakes from scratch, or homemade waffles from whole food ingredients. Remember, you don’t need to buy frozen foods. You can always make from scratch with whole foods, freeze and use the same way! Need some help in choosing real foods? Grab your real foods guide here!

Want to get it together for better breakfast? Grab my top 5 breakfast recipes for busy people!


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