What Everybody Ought to Know About Meal Planning

THE number one thing that prevents most people from being successful in changing a nutrition or health habit is PLANNING! Nearly every single client I have ever worked with struggles to create plans that work for their lifestyle, or the change they want to make in that lifestyle.

The great news is that today I am going to talk about three reasons you NEED a meal plan, and what it will change in your life. On top of that – I am super psyched to give you my Meal Planning Guide & Builder. It has a weekly meal planner, as well as ten tips to start to plan and build healthy meal plans at home!

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Reason 1 to Meal Plan – SAVES YOU TIME!
This seems odd right? You are thinking, now I need to make time to plan and do all the rest! But here is the thing. When you have a plan you do not have to think about what you need to make each night. It’s all done. It’s all about doing a quick 15-minute session that gets you organized for the week, creates a shopping list and gives you that food plan so you don’t have to think about it again – or run back out again.

Reason 2 to Meal Plan – SAVES YOU MONEY!
Again you are like how is that possible? Think about it like this – when you go to the grocery store hungry what happens? YUP! You buy everything that looks even remotely appetizing or even stuff that doesn’t. So this plan keeps you from spending in the store on items you DO NOT need. You have your list, you know all your meals for the week, and you only need to pick up ingredients you don’t already have in your house. Stick to your list and you save!

Reason 3 to Meal Plan – SAVES YOUR WAISTLINE!
This is the reason that most people start out looking for help in this area! They are working on weight loss or healthier eating. I can tell you that there is no way to eat healthy or real food, nor cook at home without a food planner. It’s impossible to be healthy and control your weight or disease by eating fast food, take out or restaurant meals. It’s impossible. So the best thing to remember is that it IS possible with a plan at home to make all those things happen!

The Real Problem Isn’t The Reasons Right? It’s HOW TO DO IT!

1- Creating a Streamlined Process & Information Center
This is essential to making this process go quickly. If you like the idea of only 15 minutes spent deciding on meals for the week – then this is the ESSENTIAL key in making that happen. Without a process and system in place it can take hours every week to make a plan and you will easily give up. We don’t want that to happen!

2. Preparing Your Pantry & Home for Real Food Cooking
It is so important to have the proper tools, and ingredients to start real food cooking. It will be time consuming or impossible to complete real food meals without the right tools and items at home. Knowing what tools you need can be found here, and you can grab a pantry essentials list here. Making sure everything is on hand and ready is key to making this work.

3. Understand How & What to Shop For
All the proper prep and planning at home will amount to nothing if you have no clear how and what to shop for. Understanding what real food is (and is not) and how to make solid decisions at the grocery store when choosing a food item is key. Once you understand what to shop for, and you find the items that work for you in your own personal store, the entire process is faster and less time-consuming. And you are preparing real food meals saving yourself!

Want help doing this for FREE?

If this sounds fantastic to you – and you KNOW you need help with this – I am super excited to share! I have a FREE MASTERCLASS coming up this week, and next week – DIY Cooking: Simple Family Meals Made From Scratch. The class is about the simple strategies you need to create your favorite meals at home with real food. I also share three common family meals that can be done with real food at home, and I share how to do that and compare those for you. Want to learn more about this FREE class? Check it out here.

So now you know! It’s just a 1-2-3 system. There are three great reasons why, and then there are three important pieces to making this healthy eating plan come to life! Don’t forget you can grab the complete 10 tip guide that provides you practical tips to start meal building and a weekly meal planner NOW below!

Grab Your Meal Planning Guide with a Planner Here

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Want step-by-step help creating that amazing streamlined meal planning system that only takes 15 minutes to use each week? Not sure where to start, have no clue about understanding what to get at the store, and how to stock that pantry and fridge? Come on over – check out this programwe start May 6!

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