What you need to know to get your kids to eat vegetables

Here are a few methods to use to get your kids to choose their veggies and eat them too!

If your house is anything like mine family meals seem great, but when we go to sit down, things get frustrating. We have cooked (hopefully) a meal for everyone, that includes vegetables, and some meat or maybe even some pasta, but that’s when it happens.

Those little ones at the table say “I don’t want that.” And you are then supposed to be a short order cook, am I right? If only you could get your little ones to just try those vegetables, or the other items on their plate. It’s about getting them to try something, and learn about it and then learn to
LOVE it!

The great news is, I have been there, I know how you feel. It doesn’t feel easy and every day feels like a battle. BUT I am also here to help you with some tried methods we have used in our home, and that will help both your little ones AND YOURSELF learn to love vegetables, and get the so necessary nutrients you all need from them!

Grab this guide/challenge below to get THE SECRET KEY to making this work. Keep on reading below this offer as well to grab a few other tips and tools for your meal time.


Get Your Kids Eating Vegetables This Week!

Try this experiment and see how meal time drama ends.

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Where has family mealtime gone?

Over the last 30 years, family meal time has declined over 30%. Family meals are only happening three or four days a week. AND 1/3 of families with kids ages 11-18 years old report only have one or two meals a week together.

The quality of family time during the meals has also decreased with distractions on like the TV, phones, social media and more!

It’s not that parents don’t want this – they do! In fact it is one of the most valuable things cited by parents to have. But schedules, activities, as well as food preparation and ability to cook all play a role in this decline.

Why are family meals so important anyway?

Family meals provide many benefits for children and adults. They range from emotional, to social, to physical in terms of food prep and healthy meals.

Children and adults can express their concerns or share their day lowering anxiety. Children learn social cues from their parents at the table. Sitting down to enjoy a meal and talk actually slows the meal process, allowing food to digest better, and for you and your children to recognize hunger cues and feelings of fullness.1

Other positive health benefits include lower rates of problems at school, lower rates of substance use as teens, increased academic performance, as well as lower rates of childhood obesity and other disorders like type II diabetes and more!

Why bother with more vegetables, does it matter?

YES! Vegetables carry many vital nutrients to our health, and they are great delicious ways to consume fulfilling foods that are low in calorie count, but HIGH in nutrition.

Any veggies count in the day, and the consumption is based on age of the child, or yourself (and dietary recommendations for activity level in adults).

Did you know that processed foods (those in boxes, packages, and ingredients listed are difficult to understand or pronounce, or filled with sugar) are linked to many current health epidemics such as: obesity, type II diabetes, autoimmune disorders, ADD, ADHD, irritability, hyperactivity in children, cancer, heart problems, stroke in adults and more? To learn more about processed food effects check this out.

This is why it’s so important to choose vegetables and use the method in my experiment above to get your kids interested, choosing and consuming these over processed/packaged snacks and foods.

Choosing real/whole foods eliminates many of the risks and health side
effects listed above. Knowing you have no added sugars, dyes, other chemicals in your meal is a great thing! When making a whole foods
meal, you use real food ingredients to develop the meal from scratch –
so you know exactly what is in your food.

A Few Tips

Be a Vegetable Role Model – you need to consume them, enjoy them and encourage new things with your children. This is a task for most parents as well. After many decades of processed foods many adults taste buds are numbed and dulled, especially to vegetables. If you have been a regular soda drinker, or still are, this is especially true. But the ability to taste again will come back with reduction and ceasing of those types of foods.

Preparation is key! This is important with vegetables especially at first. Once you get the taste buds going and you are eating vegetables regularly it is easier to eat plain or raw for some vegetables. BUT before that – how you prepare and season them makes the difference between a delicious meal or snack and something you want to ditch. To get the FULL run down on spicing and prepping them, be sure to grab the Vegetable Experiment Guide here.

THE SECRET TO YOUR VEGETABLE SUCCESS – this is in the guide my friend. Grab the guide, get this secret and MANY OTHER tools to help you in this experiment that leads to kids choosing their vegetables and eating them too!

The guide also includes recipes, a sample 7 day meal plan, and a full length information section on how much to serve, how to work it in, and more! You get all the tools you need to get your kids eating vegetables and loving them, as well as the amazing benefits of family meals, cooking time with kids and the health benefits of increased vegetables. Who doesn’t want their kids to focus more at school, be more social and developmentally stable through good nutrition and vegetable consumption?


Get Your Kids Eating Vegetables This Week!

Try this experiment and see how meal time drama ends.

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