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Prepear Meal Planning App Review

One of the things I love the most as a busy mom is the fact that I have an app right in my phone that is a grocery list! Honestly I am easy when it comes to this. I can just grab it and enter the groceries when I run out or think of them. BUT to have recipes in there, as well as a planner that adds the ingredients to your list ~ amazing!

I honestly don’t remember how I found the Prepear app but let me tell you about the FREE features. I will gloss over what they offer for paid, but I am only using the free version, so you can check them out and then see if an upgrade is for you! Let me also say I am NOT affiliated with Prepear at all – just found the app and really enjoyed the features.

Prepear App Features

Recipe Search & Save
This is a great feature. You can find really easy, delicious meals (that are often from bloggers). This app was created by bloggers for bloggers and regular folks. So if you hate Pinterest, or you just get distracted there, this app is for you. It pulls in popular foods sites, as well as bloggers recipes and makes them available. You can adjust the servings as well right in the recipe area.

There are many awesome search features for these as well to fit your personal menu needs. If you have gluten issues, search gluten free, allergies or other foods issues, pretty much everything is in there and you can filter the recipes for what you need. Not only that but if you are going with a certain diet lifestyle, such as paleo or vegan, or vegetarian or even keto – they have filters for this! You can also filter by cuisine type if you are feeling like an Italian night!

There is more than just dinner also – every meal and snack ideas are included in the app with recipes. Once you find recipes you love, you can also bookmark them so you can add them again in the future.

Meal Planner
This is amazing. If you hate the paper and pen method, and you want it to be mobile, AND you want reminders in the morning (like to take out meat), and then when to start your dinner, this is for you. You can search your recipes, and then drag them to the day of the week you want to save them.

With the free version this feature is limited to only so many a week, and you can only move them around so many times. So you better be set with them, or be OK with the fact that they are there but in your mind may change things up during the week. OR just pay the monthly and get unlimited if you love it!

When it’s time to cook it also has “prepear” mode – which means you can lock the screen basically while you are following the instructions for cooking. This also occurs when using the grocery list in the store. One thing to note – it does use the battery a bit so be prepared to charge if you have it open for a long time.

Grocery List
This is my absolute favorite piece and most weeks I will admit to being a pen and paper meal planner gal because if my husband needs to take a look he can see it on the fridge. BUT I still love this grocery list. The electronic grocery list is awesome.

Not only can you add your own items that you need not associated with Prepear recipes, but when you add Prepear recipes to your plan it adds the groceries for you.

This is NO simple list either. If you start typing, it offers common options with variable features (i.e. ground beef, at different % fat levels). If you choose from one of their options it categorizes the food by department in the grocery store which is my NEW favorite feature.

It’s Farmer’s Market time here where I live (although it is year round here), and most of my groceries are now coming from there. This feature is great there because I can quickly glance at a section from the list and make sure I have everything I need for the week.

Thrive Market

This is an amazing source of very healthy, clean, and primarily organic products. These are pantry staple type of items (with options to choose fresh meats). I use this service to get me pantry items that I cannot buy at my local farmer’s market. Learn more here.

Features, Things to Note When Using the App

Serving Size
I noticed the serving sizes tend to be very large. For example most of the time when you view a recipe the default is 6 servings in one recipe. If you have a family of 4 or less this may be MORE than you want to do. This is especially true if you don’t use left overs for lunch or again during the week. So be sure to take a look at the servings, and pay attention to the size of the dish when you dish it up if you go with that larger serving so you don’t over eat.

Nutritional Values
These meals are actually pretty healthy that they put up with very few processed food options in there. This is a great, but paying attention to that serving size is important because some of the recipes are very rich in caloric value (high calories). This is OK for most people that watch their serving size and pay attention, but if you don’t typically do that and you just eat, it’s important to note these are a bit higher in calorie and if not followed by serving could lead to overeating.

The Paid Version
You can check out their site – Prepear here. You get the full run down there. However, a few things. The recipes are limited in the free version – still loads to look at. But you get unlimited recipes and searches in the paid version. You also get more meal planning movement, adds, and abilities.

You can also get meal plans DONE FOR YOU with the paid monthly membership. If you hate even just thinking about it and you want it done for you – you can get that done with the $9.99/month Gold Membership.

Overall I really enjoy this app. By far my favorite feature is the organized grocery list, but have enjoyed the alerts with the meal plans and searching for recipes. Although I make up a few of my own meals, I still love recipes. This app is worth it if you love tech, and you need a little push to get organized with your meal planning and implementation.

If this meal planning thing is an area you want to work on, and you need some guidance with shopping and making it happen – join us for Eat Your Way Out. This program helps you get organized and get started with simple at-home cooked meals. Learn how to make it happen with a roadmap that makes it as easy as 15 minutes of planning a week.

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