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Thrive Market Review

I don’t know if you have noticed or not but I absolutely HATE the grocery store. In the last few weeks I have shared just about every way I can find to avoid the supermarket. I hate the lines, I hate the aisles and hate all the foods I don’t need that tempt my little one or waste my time down an aisle! So with that said – I can’t find it all at the Farmer’s market, especially pantry staples and canned goods. BUT the great news is – there is a way to save and get all clean and organic food DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR!

I recently became a member of Thrive Market. This is an amazing resource to get organic, and clean pantry staple items. Not only do they have pantry staples, but do offer meat sources. My experience over the last month with weekly shipments, has been only with their pantry items.

What types of things can you get with Thrive Market membership?

Baking staples and ingredients
I order things like almond flour, coconut flour, coconut sugar and organic flour. Most baking items that are healthy and clean and are organic can be purchased through this site. I haven’t been missing any of these items yet when I search and order.

Canned Goods
If you are looking for a great source of organic canned goods (or in a really cool bag eco friendly bag) this is for you. You can grab beans, tomatoes, nut butters, tuna, and more. I grab my coconut milk (canned) as well. As always – be sure to check out the labels of the product before adding it to your cart. There are a few items, although organic, are not as clean (minimally processed) that are for sale. So just always check and you will be pleasantly surprised 99% of the time.

This was the BEST part. It is very difficult in my area to find nuts that come with JUST the nut in the container and no other horrible oils, salts or more! To find a nice clean source for things like cashews and almonds was FANTASTIC! The nut butter is also the same price it costs me to make it from a bag of nuts from Walmart, so I could cay goodbye to my loud food processor that took 20 minutes to make almond butter.

Other ingredients
I have grabbed whole grain oats, Medjool dates, dried sugar free cranberries (no added sugar), seeds, and more.

Oils & Vinegar
There are loads of healthy oils for great sizes and prices (also organic – that is their thing). Check the ingredients as always and compare sizes and prices between the brands they offer. We have grabbed some delicious red wine vinegar as well. We also grabbed some coconut aminos for the days we are substituting for soy.

Pastas & Rices
There are a variety of whole wheat and rice items, including rice noodles to choose from. We have tried both pasta and rice noodles, the rice noodles seem to the winners, but all have gone over well with the boys in the house.

Spices & Seasonings
The size is great. These come in packets and you can empty them into your own shakers (we just recycled ones we already had that were empty).

There is so much more beyond my brief highlights here – but these are the things that I was looking for specifically from our local Walmart, that helps me avoid the chaos that ensues each time I go there! There are a few items that don’t come from Thrive, but an occasional trip for them is not so bad, so it works out for us. There are pet supplies, there are body products and so much more on this service. As always, read your labels, and determine if this fits your budget and health needs.

Do you have to pay extra for the membership and discounts?

Yes it is an annual membership site (59.95USD). You can get a free 30-day trial (check it out here). I started with this, but after my first shipment that came within a few days and was everything I needed for a few weeks and then some I was hooked. I did need to stock up on some other items in the weeks following, and it was the same experience – quick and easy. You are receiving about 50% or more off of some of the organic items (and this is based on a Walmart shopping price local to me – they put their percentage off listed). With that said – the minimal few dollars per month (that 59.95 broken down) is made up in just one shipment.

Is this membership for everyone?

If you do not buy a lot of organic canned or pantry items, or need things like almond flour, coconut flour etc, no this would NOT be for you. But if you have to seek out specialty baking and pantry staples (such as coconut aminos etc) this would be for you!

Are there shipping costs?
Yes, if you don’t order $49 or more you have to pay shipping. BUT if you are using this for your weekly pantry items, you will likely be above this. It wasn’t hard when you need nuts, butters, tuna (which is the ONLY tuna I can find that isn’t laced with all kinds of added chemicals and oils). I haven’t had a week yet that I am below $49 for the items I need. I use it over the grocery store so this is part of my grocery budget.

Check out the Thrive Market to see what they could do for you. Although I am not affiliate, the link I am providing is a friends and family link and I do earn Thrive points if you use it to purchase or join!


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