Being Healthy, and No Meds, and Not Gaining Weight is NOT a Secret or a Privilege

I have been sharing so many resources, books and ideas with you over the last few years. As my continuing education in nutrition is spread to you, I thought, maybe this week I will tell you about what I am doing now for my nutrition. Before I get into the nitty gritty, this way of eating is a lifestyle. It is intentional and what scientifically is currently showing as very healthy. Not only is the science there to back this way of eating, my ENTIRE family’s health is at its (near) peak (with the exception of my son who doesn’t follow this lifestyle as closely as we do.)

Where I started…

My nutrition was heavily processed, for a long long time. Most of my life. As I advanced through college, I changed some things. But even my education was greatly flawed with the lack of science that I didn’t realize until I continued on my own personal journey and learning beyond that with the REAL scientific studies out there.

I was VERY sick with lupus in my 20s. From what I ate. YES FROM WHAT I ATE. Of course, I am genetically at risk, however, the genetics are only “on” (i.e. you are sick) when you are exposed to inflammatory agents (that being the processed foods and chemicals). I learned that the more I changed and cleaned up (with supplements at that time) the better it got. I started to improve. After having my son I knew I had to make this all right because he too was suffering from too much inflammation.

As time has gone on over the 8 years I have evolved our diet to what it is today through research and books, and trial and error.


I truly believe I have turned “off” my lupus genetics. They would call it a “remission” – but I call it permanent as long as I continue to care for my nutrition and movement. 

Do you know what that means? What kind of implications that could have for yourself, as well as others who are unwell from autoimmunity, as well as diabetes, heart issues and more today? That means by changing YOUR food, YOU CAN live a healthier, possibly drug free or lowered dose drug life!

Honestly – truly. I do not believe myself to be some kind of odd miracle or anything. I work VERY hard to maintain this. But it is POSSIBLE. This way of living is BETTER than the painful slow death I saw ahead of me.

What do I do?

I am grain free (no wheat or other traditional grains), and legume free, and processed food free. I eat an occasional white potato that falls into the tuber/starchy group. I eat primarily a Primal Diet (check out my post on The Primal Blueprint). I have combined the grain free diet (check out Carrie Vitt – Deliciously Organic), and The Primal Blueprint. I am not keto – I eat WAY too many vegetables to reach that low level of carbs, but I do have a low level of carb intake COMPARED to the rest of the nation.

What about the kid and husband?

Husband has some carbs as well, but is generally lower carb. He still consumes some homemade sandwich rolls as a lunch item daily. Other than that he doesn’t consume any other grains. He does consume chick peas in a sandwich, but that is generally it for legumes. He may have an occasional black bean. However, we are still working on his digestive health. You can only change things you want to change, and at this point he is most comfortable with this despite some adjustments that he may need still (maybe).

Kid is the hardest part of all of this. When I had much more control (when he was less free and younger) I had all but stopped his disorder as well with the food. However, as an 8 year old boy, he likes to indulge himself on junk food every chance he gets. The more he has the worse his condition flares. He had a lot this summer, and he did learn that it is important to keep some control. He has started to take notice and eat more of what he needs, but we still struggle because he doesn’t fully understand the consequences of his actions yet with food. But, what I do know for sure is that when he eats like us completely – his flares lessen and/or disappear. It works.


We keep our exercise simple at home. I do 5 days a week of 20-30 minute workouts that include cardio and resistance. Keith cycles, and does resistance core and body work. We try to keep moving with hikes, mountain biking and general walks in the neighborhood as part of our daily routines. That’s it. Truly. Does Keith ride for long miles and periods of time in the summer on his bike – he sure does. But he doesn’t HAVE to – he does that because he WANTS to. 

The most important thing to remember is that your physique, and your health, are related to 80% nutrition. Yes truly. The other 20% is movement. 

What has changed with this way of eating over time?

Of course I have talked about how I am symptom free in lupus, Parker has reduced or eliminated (at times) his flares with PFAPA and Keith has no disease and no meds of any type. But you know what else has happened?

  • Less or no colds or similar illnesses in our house
  • My chronic sinus condition has been nearly eliminated. I haven’t had a sinus infection that required treatment in YEARS now. Truly.
  • Better gut health. That means less digestive illnesses, and less digestive issues such as reflux, diarrhea, gas and more.
  • Less joint pain and stiffness. When the body tissues are getting the nutrients they need they feel good and are no longer inflamed.
  • Better mental health and clarity. I know this will feel like a stretch for some people. And YES I do meditation. However, going grain free and eating primally has changed my anxiety levels WITHOUT meditation. I do meditation NOT because I feel like I HAVE TO or else I will have a break … but because I want to do it for myself. I feel fine. As we work Keith toward this, I am looking forward to seeing/hearing his personal journey and results as well.
  • No water fluctuations – yes ladies I mean that. I used to have anywhere from 3-8 pounds of water retention on any given day. YES 8 pounds some mornings. Woke up 8 pounds heavier. That is INSANE and incredibly frustrating and uncomfortable. Problem is solved now with this way of eating.

Why has this nutrition changed all of those things?

We eat primarily healthy fats, proteins and vegetables. We have eliminated GMOs from our food supply. We eat organic when we can and (almost) ALWAYS locally sourced (sometimes more important than the organic label). We have cut down on grains or eliminated them completely (which also eliminates most chemicals, GMOs and more).

We are nourishing our brains with the cholesterol and healthy fats they need through CLEAN sources that DO NOT increase our heart risk. We are also vegetable focused for our carb sources, and we eat grass fed and pastured animal products for protein. We are low to no sugar, veggie carbs, and absolutely only healthy oils. NO vegetable oils, no corn products, no soy products. EVER. Truly!

If you are wondering why you have never heard of this there is a very good reason and it’s all about government and money. It’s way too much for this blog post today – but here are some resources that might help you sort it all out.

Michael Pollan’s Books – An Omnivore’s Dilemma, In Defense of Food, Food Rules

Mark Sisson’s Books – The Primal Blueprint, The 21 Day Total Body Transformation, and more!

Eat Fat Get Thin – Mark Hyman

Deep Nutrition – Catherine Shannahan

The Plant Paradox (if you want to eat primarily plants and don’t really want to get into meats, or stick with just seafood).

** And notice that NONE of these books are brand new releases – they have been republished again and again for MANY years. We have been fooled for a LONG LONG time.

Why is this a secret?

It is no secret how to eat, feel great, be without disease, and NOT GAIN WEIGHT and feel satisfied. It’s just not what has been told to the mainstream. We have been led to believe non-scientific information for our entire lives, driven by an industry and the government. (and this post will be buried by Google because of this – which is something that has just come out recently). Just like everything else in politics – food is a lot of money. We have also become a “busy” society and people look for simple solutions and our food industry created that despite its dangers and the fact it is KILLING everyone slowly. And believe me – when I started reading and educating myself more I couldn’t believe and feel terrible about what I had been taught and told and what is ACTUALLY scientifically happening.

If you want to be active but not crazy into fitness, change how you eat, and start moving in a simple primal way. You will feel so much better it will all fall into place and make sense.

But how can YOU do this?

You may be thinking it seems like so much and SUCH a change for me. It probably is. It took us years, but we are here. And it starts with the first step. Just like everything in life. If you aren’t quite ready to dive into it – let’s talk – I can get you the baby steps you need to lead to this way of eating. I have other amazing nutrition programs to get you on the path before you get to the point where you jump into this lifestyle. You don’t have to live like you are any more? You CAN feel better!

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