Change Your Relationship With Food – 3 Simple Tips to Start Today

You may have noticed, every BODY seems to handle different types of food differently. Have you noticed you crave more sweets than some people? Or are you a carb craver (more on that in a minute), do you eat less, but seem to weigh more than others, do you eat more, but weigh less? Trouble knowing when to stop eating? Crave all kinds of things like salt and more? But then you look over at your significant other and they don’t have ANY of the same things going on?

Bio-individuality is the answer

It is true – there is no one size fits all way to eat. One way of eating might work for some people and not for others. BUT one thing that EVERY human has in common is we need nourishment, and we need whole foods and nutrients daily in order to live satisfying long lives.

We have strayed far from what our ancestors (thousands of years ago) ate. We have went through many eras, such as Agricultural, Industrial Revolution, Food Industry, Chemical, Sugar and Digital. These have significantly changed our food sources, and our movement patterns. You have learned or only know a certain way to eat based on all these events and changes, but one thing remains the same – OUR BODIES need the same nutrients our thousand-year-old ancestors needed.

What to do now

The great news is the power is IN YOUR OWN HANDS! (Or kitchen I guess you could say). If you don’t like your cravings you do have the power to change them (and I don’t mean by starving yourself out of them). If you don’t like your health condition, let’s look at your nutrition/food and see what you can do to change it. Here are 3 things we need to do to DISCONNECT from “modern” food and reconnect to our ancestral roots.

Cook Meals With Whole Food Ingredients at Home

One of the biggest changes has been the introduction of processed (bagged and boxed and reduced) foods to our society. This stopped people from learning how to cook from FRESH whole food ingredients that do not need a food label.

I will admit – I didn’t know how to cook a thing when I left college. Well OK, I had one staple meal that was olive oil, broccoli, and pasta. Yup. That was pretty much it. I could follow a recipe but chose just a bunch of bagged or boxed items for shortcuts even in making those recipes. But this is no longer my way!

One of the BIGGEST changes in my life and my ability to get off medications for lupus and control inflammation in my body was eliminating the processed foods from my life, cooking my own meals, and my own staples (salad dressings, sauces, etc) myself at home with real food.

You will need some knives, a food processor, some pans, and some REAL FOOD! From there – the ideas are limitless – truly!

This step alone will literally change everything about your body. You will start nourishing it and it will start to feel fuller! You will start to see a shift in craving. You will have more energy, you will want to move more naturally without force, and so much more.

Sure, what to cook with and how to put it all together takes a bit of learning – but the great news is there are so many recipes online today – and if you have a bit of a background of what to look for (and you know you are eliminating packaged and processed ingredients) you can make it work by starting with recipes.

Focus on healthy fats and vegetables

The number one thing you can do RIGHT NOW even beyond the first step is to change your cooking oils and examine your foods for these UNHEALTHY oils and eliminate them from your diet and life/house.

Vegetable oils (corn, soy, canola, or any other combo of these) need to GO. Literally toss them in the trash and never look back. It has been shown that vegetable oils, raise your risk of heart disease. And when combined with refined sugar carbs – even worse. Want to read about cooking oil options? Check out this post.

These oils are highly inflammatory (higher levels of omega 6 over 3 – which is pro-inflammatory). Inflammation is what leads to sticking of cholesterol and fats in heart disease. Without inflammation, none of these would stick or build up because there were be no damage from the inflammation happening in the artery.

Healthy fats are mentioned in the post here, and also include consumption of fish and seafood, pastured eggs and butter, and grass-fed meats. You want clean sources of monounsaturated fats, some cholesterol, and some saturated fats. You want to lower polyunsaturated fats (high in omega 6) and eliminate trans fat and partially hydrogenated oils. (These are found in many packaged products).

The other piece is adding in vegetables. You can cook these in some fat and some spices and make them delicious. Vegetables help with many micronutrients than processed and packaged foods lack. And if you are consuming some grass-fed red meats, these will also help you digest and protect your gut from cancer and other harmful gut changes from the red meat. Vegetable aid in many other digestive and body processes as well, but truly is a KEY source to nutrients daily. More on preparation on these to come!

Start shopping local farmer’s markets, or from farmers directly

The length of time from harvest to the delivery of food to your mouth matters. The longer it takes, the fewer nutrients (or if any) you get. Buying local foods helps keep your farmer’s in business and your food full of nutrients and healthier. You also get the benefit of local microbes for your gut which you want!

By the time food arrives from a major supermarket to you, it has a fraction of the value it did when picked. It also has likely been treated to last because it must withstand the journey (days or weeks) and then sit in the store until purchased. Local farmers don’t need to do this. They pick and bring to the market, you buy and then consume. The local small farming practices are also much different than mass-produced animals or vegetables. This makes a difference in how your body uses and utilizes those nutrients, and risks associated with eating those foods.

Wouldn’t you rather shop local anyway? Talk to the farmers – they love to talk about their process and they are proud at how they tend their animals or plants. Shopping this way also saves me money. Many people ask me this first thing when I say that I don’t use the supermarket (rarely). Sure, does meat cost me more when it’s clean and well raised and has no chemicals? It does. BUT my local vegetables and fruits are a fraction of the cost, therefore, the budget went/goes down when shopping local.

I will gladly pay more for clean, more nutritious food ANY DAY!

What could you change today? I am sure one of these three things could be adjusted RIGHT NOW to make a great change in going back to your ancestral food and health.

Kate is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner student. As an NTP the focus is on fundamental imbalances within the body that can become balanced again through nutrition. Contact her below if you are interested in being a future client.

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