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We all changed with real food.

My son started showing symptoms of an autoinflammatory disorder at 8 months old. Between his disorder and regaining control over my SLE which had flared after giving birth, it was time to get control over inflammation and feel better.

My goal is to help others regain control over their life again. I believe diet and food sources contribute to and aggravate many people’s health today. With some simple steps, planning and knowledge you can change the course of your life by changing what you eat. It’s not hard when you have the step-by-step process to regain control over your disorder and life (without medications).

I have a BS and MSEd in Health Education and am a NYS certified teacher. I spent 8 years in the classroom teaching health, and nutrition. I am awaiting my Certified Personal Trainer exam (this week!), and I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner student.

I am super excited to be able to either help YOU on your own health and wellness journey with my extensive background helping others in health by offering amazing online courses, and location TBD in-person clinical exams and help.

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