Be a Coach

Being a coach has changed my life.

Helping People Change Their Lives
I take no greater joy than in helping others find themselves in nutrition and fitness. I love helping people get on a path that they so desperately and want and need to feel better physically, emotionally and socially! As a Beachbody coach I am able to reach out to them – meet them where they are at – and find a way to help them improve their vitality and life! It’s an amazing thing to be able to do!

Helping Me Grow As a Person
I have had times in my life where I had great anxiety, anger and more. The emotions were so hard I couldn’t connect with other people. I have lupus and have struggled (in the past) with control and connection because of the disease. With coaching, I am able to be focused on nutrition, fitness and myself as a person. This has led to more growth, working toward fulfilling dreams and so much more!

Fulfilling Me As A Person
There is no greater fulfillment than helping others. This “job” is all about that. The best part is that you are your own boss and that is fulfilling. You earn for helping people and earn for sharing with others. That’s an amazing thing!

Opportunity for Freedom and Growth
This is in every sense of life. This coaching opportunity allows for more financial flexibility and freedom. You also make your own hours and if you need to attend a child’s practice, play or more – YOU CAN! If you care for a loved one – and you need to work around their care – YOU CAN! There are endless possibilities and growth and the only thing that will hold you back is not expanding or taking the opportunity – and that my friend is FREEDOM! This is something you can do at any age and excel!

As a member of my team (and our larger Team Phoenix), you are welcomed into our community with zero judgment. Our only expectation is that you stay true to yourself & contribute to the positive culture we have created.

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What do I do as a coach?
As a coach I spend one hour a day (or more – but that is your choice!) checking in with my groups, setting up new groups, talking to customers I am coaching and meeting new people. My goal is to make coaching my full-time job over time – so I put in time and effort to make that happen.

I help people find a nutrition and fitness program that fits their lifestyle and preferences. I get them the support they need in groups, as well as from me. I do weekly check-ins to see how they are doing and see how I can help them benefit further from programs and services.

I also do personal development – which is vital to success in life – not just coaching. Keeping my brain learning and staying on top of how to help people with the latest tools and information is important. I do this task while doing something else via audio (podcast or book). I also enjoy reading PD books. I love to listen while driving to my day job and while cooking my family meals!

If you are interested in learning how we are compensated – that information can be found here.

I want to talk to you to answer questions and get you informed on becoming a coach.

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