Simplify At-Home Meals

There is hope, and you are in a safe place to learn, and start to make change. Although whatever you have tried in the past just hasn’t worked for you – this is different.

Give Them A Choice

Learn the method we used to get kids to CHOOSE & Eat vegetables they love. This improves their physical health, as well as emotional health.

Real Benefits

Benefits of eating home cooked meals with vegetables go beyond just nutrition – help your kids develop better social & emotional skills.

Meal Planning & Prep

Get methods that work to plan, prep and get recipes, as well as sample weekly plans to take the thinking out of it.

Creating Delicious Options

Learn the best ways to prep and cook vegetables so that your children consume them and ask for more. Get them the best quality and nutrition out there so you know they will develop properly.


My Vision for Your Health

I envision a world where meals are cooked at home with real food. There will be less diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and autoimmunity through the consumption of real food. We can ditch processed and fast foods for real food and change our health.

Processed Foods & Products Are Changing Your Health

You are here because you believe there is a better way to eat that can make a difference in your family’s health & wellness.

I help people take small steps to make big change. They regain control over their life, nutrition, and diseases by simple changes that make the maximum impact (all without medications and on their own!).

Eat Real Food

Get organizational strategies, step-by-step methods of saving time & staying on a budget, while planning and eating home-cooked real food meals.

This program leads you through the process I have used and tested to make this transition from processed foods to real foods a success.

Feel better, don’t be deprived, and eat to control disease.

The Blog

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This is THE place to get all the free information, education and tools you can imagine. Each week I dive in to difference nutrition and fitness topics to get you resources and tools you need to change at home.

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Our Weekly Meals

Want to know what we eat weekly? Want to see our recipes and meals?

I have added a new recipe feature to the site. I share my own recipes that we eat, but I also share what recipes I love to use.


If you are not ready to change everything about your nutrition quite yet, and just want to get moving – you are in luck! Check out my virtual gym options. At-home fitness with accountability in a private app for just my group doing the same workouts as you!