Eat Real Food: Transition From Processed Food

to a Real Food Lifestyle in 6 Weeks

Let me know if this sounds familiar…

I felt terrible. I just didn’t know where I would get the energy to cook and make changes I knew we ALL needed to feel better and live a healthier life.

You Are Busy

Let’s face it – it’s a fast paced world out there and we all struggle to keep up.

You Have Struggled in the Past

You have struggled to make changes in the past and probably even tried different approaches, but you can’t seem to keep up and nothing seems to stick.

You Don’t Know Where to Start

You just don’t even know where to start with better meals and healthier eating at home. Let’s face it – who even knows how to really cook today?

You Know It Has To Be Easier

You know there has to be an easier and healthier way to eat, but you don’t know where to begin.

I Created this Course with YOU in Mind

If you are anything like me, a child of the 80s (or even the 40s and beyond!), you have had no idea where to start in the kitchen because nobody has ever taught you the steps to making these changes at home.

You have only known fast food, and easy to make meals.

Time Saving & Budget Saving Steps

You need time saving & money saving ways to cook real food at home! It’s also hard to get organized in a way that saves you time and money!

Slow Steps to Gradual Change

You like small gradual steps to change, because you know that is what makes the BIGGEST impact for you.

Regain Control

You want a better way to eat without depriving yourself, and you want to eat to control disease!

After having lupus symptoms since I was 15 years old, and then receiving a diagnosis at 21, I needed and wanted to get control over my body. I had spent years trying to understand what was wrong with me. Of course, I was medicated at diagnosis (and even before). The meds were causing side effects and I wasn’t in control of my own body. I felt helpless.

I knew that there HAD TO BE A WAY to regain control, feel good again, and get my body to stop waging war on itself. And there was.

I started with small steps to make a change, and had to spend a lot of time researching and doing trial and error to find my way.

BUT the great news here is that I have done all the hard work for you!


In This Course You

Plan. Shop. Prep. Cook

Learn to plan, shop, prep and cook real food meals easily.

Cook Real Food Meals

Transition from processed food, take out meals and eating out daily to home-cooked real food in a simple-to-accomplish way.

Regain Control

Regain control over your food and your body!

The Results Are…

Step by Step Change

to Real Food

Take your time, and work through each step at your own pace. Get clear instructions to help you make lasting change that will change how you feel every day. This includes a BONUS of learning how to choose when on vacation, a nice night out, take out and gatherings!

Planning Steps to Help You Make Change Happen

You get a step-by-step plan that you work at your own pace to learn about real food, inventory the food you have, work on creating a real food list, shopping procedures, planning and meal prep procedures and more!

Gradual Planning for

Daily Change

Work through planning on a small scale, daily basis for one meal at a time to transition to real foods. Never spend more than 15 minutes creating a few weeks worth of meal plans! The easy planning method I teach you makes it simple to eat real food that will change the course of your health.

Create an Easy to Use

Meal Planning System

Learn about recipes, organizing and making delicious food. So even if you haven’t cooked before – you can do this! Never spend more than 30 minutes on dinner, unless you want to!

Regain Control of

Your Shopping

Learn to shop for real foods & prep them so meals are simple and can even be grab and go.

Learn to Cook Your

Favorite Meals

Learn how to make your favorite take-out meals, drive-thru or even boxed or bagged meals in a homemade, real food format that keeps it simple but far healthier!

What’s Included In the Course


Over 50 pages of information from the course content itself in an easy to follow format, for reference in the kitchen and life!


Your course is filled with all of the topics and tools you need to make lasting change. You get your own login area, and you work through each lesson at your own rate. Each lesson consists of text, video/audio and extended resources. You have life access, so you can take your time working through them.

Course Content


This includes real vs. processed food, a step by step inventory process of your fridge, freezer and pantry, hydration & beverage information, creating a recipe center, meal planning & shopping.

Breakfast & Snacks

This includes a step by step process for planning real food breakfast, and snacks.


This includes a step by step process for planning real food lunches.


This includes a step by step process for planning real food dinners.

Grocery Shopping

This includes shopping tools, tips, lists, and more, as well as reading labels, and understanding portions vs. servings. It includes a grocery guide!

Food Prep

This walks you through simple food prep to make this transition easy.


Bonus One

Eating Out, Take Out, Vacation & Parties Module!

Learn easy ways to continue to have a fun night out, enjoy family gatherings, and take vacations while still eating real food.

Bonus Two

Exclusive Facebook Group

This group is for course students only. You get direct access to me for help and guidance. You also get the community support of others making the same change you are!


How much time will this take me?

The course is a work-at-your-own pace course. That means you have life access to the materials and you can work at your own pace. Each module is designed to be worked through over the course of 1 week. There are 6 modules with an additional bonus module. But there is no “behind” in this course, only just what is the next step and moving ahead at the pace that helps you make change.

Am I actually going to be able to plan and cook meals with my super busy schedule?

YES! I teach you the step by step process of planning that will only take you 10 minutes once you get the building blocks into place. You will have recipes that fit your time frame for cooking, and/or prep schedule. There are ways to make real food, grab and go meals, and that is what you learn how to do in this course.

This sounds great, but I don’t even have a clue what foods to choose to start cooking, planning or anything you mention here. Can I still do this?

YES this is exactly for you. You also receive the how to determine ingredients, portions, servings and so much more in an easy to understand, real world format. This gets you started before we even move to building the basis for easy planning and prep.

Groceries are a large part of my expense is this going to cost me more money?

Groceries are very expensive no matter what. I have not personally found this way of eating to cost my family more money. In this course you learn how to swap out premade items (which can be costly) for ingredients, which make MULTIPLE meals rather than only one as you would get in a pre-packed meal. You will be swapping out snack items for fresh foods, but again, these make more than one serving. If you choose affordable shopping locations, this should not cost you more money, and possibly even less. I offer shopping recommendations, and my family shops on a strict budget eating this way at Walmart and Aldi.

There are no unusual ingredients in real food, just simple standard grocery store items.

Remember – you are now cooking at home in this course. Dinner out at a restaurant for a family of four can run between $50-$100. In our house, we have a weekly budget of $150 for groceries – so just think about that! One dinner out can pay for a whole week of ALL foods we consume while cooking at home!

We are on a tight budget, and I always told myself I would never pay for health services, is this worth it?

We are on a tight budget also! We work multiple jobs to make ends meet. I get it! Here is how I look at any purchase I am about to make. Will this fee right now, pay off to mean even more later? You spend $100 on a night out with your family at a restaurant for just one meal. What if you spent that $100 and learned a way that saved years of your family’s life, and health? Would it be worth it? What if this saved you hundreds on nights out instead? You can cook at home, eat better, feel better and save that money!!!

Is this course really for me?

If you are not ready to change out processed foods, and literally get rid of it and replace it with real food – this course isn’t for you. This course is a guide to help you identify processed foods, ditch them completely, and replace them with real food items. It will require you to learn to plan, shop, prep and create home cooked meals. You will learn a new way to plan, and grocery shop, as well as prep. If you are not ready to make changes to your daily food routine – this course is not for you. This course takes you slowly, and step-by-step through the process, but you must be ready to jump in and make change when it begins.

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6 Week Course

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Bonuses – Eat Out, Take Out, Vacation & Parties &

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