About Functional Nutrition

In today’s busy world, with so much food, so little time, and so many medications, and illnesses, it often feels difficult to figure out what is truly happening in our own bodies.

In functional nutritional therapy, you will learn about what basic fundamental imbalances YOU have. It’s all about your bio-individuality – that means it’s just about what YOUR body needs to feel your best and be at your optimal level every day.

We explore nutrition, digestion, sugar handling, balancing minerals and vitamins, stress, hormones, food allergies and balancing emotional stress, hydration and more. We look at the root causes and address those verses just symptom management.

We use nutrition plans, supplements, as well as a behavior and lifestyle change plan that helps you reprogram and re-pattern your life in a way that works JUST FOR YOU!

This is different than a traditional medical model! You get to be an active, open-minded participant in the process. This helps with the resolution of issues and the ability of you to stay with your new patterns and lifestyle!

Assessment Techniques
Comprehensive Health History – we talk together to identify your major stressors, what is your biggest health concerns, and what is a simple way for you to get started with a change you want to make to feel better. This process helps me understand your history (family and personally), as well as exposures, illnesses and more that help me determine what path to lead you on for a healthier you.

Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ) – This comprehensive symptom survey helps me see where you are today in your health, and what paths need more exploration as we work together on a plan that you choose that works for you.

Food & Mood Journal -this is a journal of what you eat and how it makes you feel over the course of a few days. This helps me determine ways to help you optimize your nutrition to combat some of the symptoms you are having.

Functional Clinical Assessment (FCA)–┬áThe FCA is a hands-on evaluation technique available to local clients. Through the FCA I will use a series of palpations to assess stress in different organ systems and test the effectiveness of supplemental nutrients.

Laboratory Testing – it may be necessary for me to direct you to obtain certain lab tests based on the findings of the assessments we do together.

What Happens Next?
You will get a protocol based on your goals, your stress, and lifestyle, and the recommendations from the assessments that would optimize your health and wellness. This will be based on what you are ready to conquer at this point, and what you feel is the most significant thing that needs changing to start feeling better right away.

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