The Vegetable Experiment

THE WAY to get Your Kids to CHOOSE their Vegetables AND Eat Them DAILY!

Has meal time become nonexistent, or in front of a TV, or honestly just so much of a struggle with your kids it doesn’t seem worth it? Believe me, we have been there. THE STRUGGLE is REAL to get kids to eat vegetables, and to eat the family meal served.

If you are feeling like a short order cook that can NEVER please your customers, I got your back!

The Vegetable Experiment is THE METHOD I used to get my son to CHOOSE his daily vegetables and EAT THEM!

In the guide you get:

  • THE SECRET & METHOD to get your kids to choose their vegetables and eat them so that they have a more nutritious and well-rounded diet. This leads to less colds, better immunity, AND social and emotional benefits of eating with family!
  • A guide to help you choose the best quality vegetables so that you know what you are serving is the cleanest best food possible for those growing bodies.
  • How to determine how much vegetables your child so consume so you are sure they are getting what they need. This means you know they will be able to focus, and think in a healthy way.
  • Vegetable preparation techniques that ensure that the vegetables of choice taste so amazing they CANNOT resist. This makes it a slam dunk they will get those vital nutrients in their day.
  • RECIPES that include vegetables for all different types of meals, as well as a sample 7 day planner that includes recipe examples to fulfill your child’s vegetable needs. This takes all the thinking out of it for you!
  • 7 Additional tips to incorporate these vegetables in your lives, as well as a blank meal planner to keep you on track.