Upcoming Challenge Group

Join us and Reset This Fall

This online group is designed to help you re-establish a routine to help you live a happy, healthy lifestyle. We’ll be focusing nutrition, fitness and HABITS. You’ll have EVERYTHING you need to be successful! You’ll be using a fitness program and Shakeology, or other BB performance products.

If you don’t have a program in mind, I can help you choose the best one for your goals I’d love to give you guidance based on professional experience and my personal experience with these programs. 

You’ll be coached DAILY and have support from up to 20 others on the same journey as you!

Check Out My Virtual Fitness Group to Learn More First

When you enroll you’ll receive:

1. Access to Beachbody On Demand Services for ANY and ALL of our workout programs.

2. Detailed workout Schedule 

3. Nutrition Guide and Recipes 

4. 30 day supply of meal replacement/protein/ vitamin/ superfood shake (Shakeology or Performance Pack)

5. Free Coaching in a private accountability challenge group

6. Accountability and Support Group 

7. Free lifetime membership into teambeachbody.com 

** Depending on which Challenge Pack you choose you may also receive portion containers and more!

So how does this work?


Our group will be taking place in a private Facebook group where you will get an invite from me. Log 3 workouts and 5 Shakeology’s/Performance products every week for 4 weeks, and get entered into a drawing for a weekly prize!

What You Need to Do:

1- Complete this Challenge Group application here: http://simplymindfulwellness.com/challenge-group-application/

2- I will email you/Facebook message you to make contact about your completed application.

3- Choose your challenge pack (via our discussion and a cart), program, and start with us!

** This group is run by Kate Bryant, a Beachbody coach.

Check out my Virtual Fitness Group to Learn More First!

Ongoing Program

If you struggle with your weight, have autoimmune or other dietary diseases, problems with digestion, lack energy and have been told you are at risk for heart issues in the future this is the way to go. Maybe you haven’t had any of these issues, but you just generally want to eat better! You are in the right place!

This online course:
* Teaches you step-by-step how to transition from processed foods, drive thrus and restaurants to home-cooked real food meals easily.
* You get a step-by-step plan that you work at your own pace to learn about real food, inventory the food you have, work on creating a real food list, shopping procedures, planning and meal prep procedures and more!
* Work through planning on a small scale, daily basis for one meal at a time to transition to real foods.
* Learn to shop for real foods & prep them so meals are simple and can even be grab and go.
* Learn about recipes, organizing and making delicious food. So even if you haven’t cooked before – you can do this!
* Learn how to make your favorite take out meals, drive thru or even boxed or bagged meals in a homemade, real food format that keeps it simple but far healthier!

You can do this even if:
* You have tried before with change and failed. This is a step-by-step slower process that works at your own pace of change.
* You are not doing any of the things described above.
* You are busy and work full time or multiple jobs.