Upcoming Challenge Groups

Fuel2BFierce- Food & Nutrition Group

Are you ready to learn a better way to eat?
A way that doesn’t make you pick and choose.
You can eat what you want AND LOSE WEIGHT! Exercise is EXTRA CREDIT!

This program is easy to follow:

• No counting calories, no measuring food, and no using food containers
• No cutting out food groups
• No deprivation or feeling hungry
• Ability to follow the program even when you are at a restaurant, a party, or on vacation!


Check out the Facebook group description here – or learn more here and complete the application to join!

Join my virtual gym for some at home fitness and nutrition support!

This group is designed to help you re-establish a routine to help you live a happy, healthy lifestyle. We’ll be focusing nutrition, fitness and HABITS. You’ll have EVERYTHING you need to be successful!

Join us by completing this application here. Or check out more information on this event here.

Coming Soon!

If you struggle with your weight, have autoimmune or other dietary diseases, problems with digestion, lack energy and have been told you are at risk for heart issues in the future this is the way to go. Maybe you haven’t had any of these issues, but you just generally want to eat better! You are in the right place!

This online course:
* Teaches you step-by-step how to transition from processed foods, drive thrus and restaurants to home-cooked real food meals easily.
* You get a step-by-step plan that you work at your own pace to learn about real food, inventory the food you have, work on creating a real food list, shopping procedures, planning and meal prep procedures and more!
* Work through planning on a small scale, daily basis for one meal at a time to transition to real foods.
* Learn to shop for real foods & prep them so meals are simple and can even be grab and go.
* Learn about recipes, organizing and making delicious food. So even if you haven’t cooked before – you can do this!
* Learn how to make your favorite take out meals, drive thru or even boxed or bagged meals in a homemade, real food format that keeps it simple but far healthier!

You can do this even if:
* You have tried before with change and failed. This is a step-by-step slower process that works at your own pace of change.
* You are not doing any of the things described above.
* You are busy and work full time or multiple jobs.

If this sounds good to you and you want to be informed when this course is available (no obligation) please click here. Just say “Interested in the Real Food Course” and click send. If you feel like sharing about yourself and your story I would LOVE to know what you need help with and why you are interested!

Coming in 2019!
Do you need help with your cholesterol? How about your blood pressure?
Join us for an online course:
Lower Your Cholesterol in 3 Months!

This is a new independent program created by myself in a step-by-step process that my husband and I used to lower his cholesterol from high to a normal range. You will do this at your own pace and have access to the materials for life.
You can do this even if:
* You are very busy and don’t know anything about cooking
* Are not active (right now), and don’t know where to start
* You have tried before and haven’t been successful

After you complete the course your cholesterol will be lower*, you may lose weight, you will have more energy, and will have changed your heart health!

If this sounds interesting to you – click here and it will let me know you are interested in receiving more information about this online course when it comes out.* Your cholesterol will be lower if you follow the steps for nutrition, fitness, guidelines you learn inside the course. Results cannot be guaranteed. 14 day money back guarantee.