Welcome Professionals

Great news! In 2019 I will be offering made-for-you program packs.

There will be 5, 7, 21, 30 day (and more) options available. There will be smaller scale, and larger scale program packs available. See what is available now in the SHOP!

These packs will include:

•Coach background information 

  • Social media posts for the daily topics

• Graphics for every post

• Promotion posts and graphics

• Trackers & supplemental materials as give aways for your customers (i.e. recipes, trackers, fitness tips and tools, etc).

Check out some free items and singles, with a few packs available now

How does this work?

You would choose your purchased or FREE pack, download the packet and put it to use in your group. You will simply copy and paste the text into your post (and modify for your voice and company), and you will use the graphics with each post. The graphics will come in a folder, along with supplemental materials (i.e. trackers, etc). These will be brand free so you are free to use them in your groups.

The only thing I ask is that you don’t share/send/copy my content with other team members or in your company. Please send them my way so they can pick out their own program to run! I spend a lot of time putting together all of these materials. If you would like to share with your team please choose the team sharing license option at check out. For free offerings – please send your team members to my site to get the downloads for themselves.

What if you aren’t even sure what to do with groups, program packs and more?

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Coming in 2019 Online Courses to Help You Grow Your Business

• Courses will include running groups to build your online business (with an included program pack), setting up your own small business website easily, and more.

My online courses, and program packs for health business professionals will help you focus  more on your clients and less on content creation.

Suggestions & Feedback

Want a specific program pack? Have some topics to share? Have some tips to give me? I would LOVE your feedback. I am here to HELP YOU run your business more efficiently -including upcoming training courses and more. What would you like to learn about? Give us some feedback below!

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